Google AdSense Approved Websites

Our pre-made Google AdSense Approved sites are ready to make you money right away. Shortcut your way to success by trusting the Beta Affiliate' process.

Pre-Approved Google AdSense Websites? Really?

Adsense has made some changes to their Adsense account Approval Policy. Now You have to need to Get Approval for your Each Site separately to Place ads on that site. Even if you already have a Fully approved Adsense Account.

You can’t place ads on any site from your existed Adsense Account without getting approval for that new site.

Adsense just got tougher. But don’t worry. With Beta Affilaite you are in a safe hands.

Now you can only use adsense with the domain on which it was approved. This means for every new website you intend adding your adsense account, it has to go through a new phase of approval. So whats gonna happen?

Buy an Already Approved AdSense Website

You’ll get:

– A customized Google AdSense Approved website

– 2500-word content included + on site SEO optimization.

– Essential pages required by Google and FTC: disclosure, privacy, contact.

– Free domain name research service.

– Free niche research and recommendations.

– Free keyword research and recommendations.

– Free 12-months web hosting. Want to host it on your own server? That’s fine too; just send us your server login details and we’ll build the site there for you.

We Stand Behind Every Website We've Built, And Guarantee That We’ll Be Here For You Along The Way

NOTE: Our websites will be approved on our AdSense Account, you need to re-apply with your AdSense account for the approval. There’s no guarantee!

There are only 1% chances that the website will not be approved. We will be by your side if that happens. 

With out exclusive methods and expertise, we will give our best to get you approved.

Pre-Approved Google AdSense Websites

here’s what’s included

✅ Domain Name
✅ 12 Months Of FREE Hosting
✅ FREE SSL Certificate
✅ In-depth Niche, Competition & Keyword Research
✅ 100% Unique And Custom Homepage Design
✅ Professional Logo Design
✅ Premium Theme
✅ Premium Plugins
✅ 2,500 Words Of Unique Niche Related Content
✅ Perfect On-Page SEO Optimization
✅ Opt-In Forms
✅ The Site Will Be Fully Indexed & Ready To Make You Money


✅ 24/7 Skype And E-Mail Support
✅ Traffic Acquisition Guide (worth $599)
✅ Blueprint To Success
✅ 24-Hour Turnaround Time

$799 /-

$199 /-

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