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Pre-Made Amazon Affiliate Websites? Really?

Still can’t make money online? Maybe it’s time to stop looking for the next shiny thing.

Learn how to grow an Amazon review site. – it’s the most reliable affiliate marketing model in 2020.

We’ll build you a similar one + show you the process to replicate its success.

This service is NOT for:

It’s definitely not for people who think making money online is easy — even though we’re giving you a way to shorten your learning curve, you still have to learn and have a passion to succeed.

People who think that you can make millions of dollars overnight, or that affiliate marketing is the best way to get rich quick — while you can get rich, anything worth having takes time to build, and time helps you appreciate your success even more.

❌ And people who are going to get in their own way, constantly chasing every new bright shiny object that gets put in front of them, and those who purchase products and services only to let them sit on their hard drive and collect dust.

For the people who are eager to learn and succeed in amazon affiliate marketing, for those marketers that have already established a foundation and built a site or two that earns decent money, and marketers that are looking to scale their operations to even greater heights…

This offer is perfect for you.

So What Exactly Are We Giving You?

We’re giving you the process that has worked for us for so many years, and putting that process to work in your own Pre-Made Amazon Affiliate Websites.

We’re giving you the guarantee that every site we've built is in a profitable niche.

We’re also guaranteeing that your site is 100% unique, and will never resold to other customers. You don't have to worry about other marketers constantly nipping at your heels while you’re trying to build a profitable business.

You’ll get:

– A customized Amazon product review site (even better than the one I’ve shown you above)

– 2500-word reviews included + on site SEO optimization.

– Essential pages required by Google and FTC: disclosure, privacy, contact.

– Free domain name research service.

– Free niche research and recommendations.

– Free product research and recommendations.

– Free keyword research and recommendations.

– Free 12-months web hosting. Want to host it on your own server? That’s fine too; just send us your server login details and we’ll build the site there for you.

– Free training- I give you a detailed step-by-step, “do-this”, “do-that” set of instructions in my private membership site. We and other veteran marketers use the same system to run our own sites. Replicate what the vets do to make your Amazon affiliate business fly.

– Free guide on flipping your site for 10X profits- Everyone goes to Flippa to queue their listing. Not smart. In case you want to flip your site for quick profit, I’ll show you where to get your site sell in 48 hours without having to go through the steep learning curve to optimize Flippa’s algorithm. This piece is golden.

– 12-months money back- Yes, that’s 1 year. Try this for 365 days. If you do exactly what we teach you in our training and don’t make back your investment, submit proof that you gave the training an honest effort and we’ll refund your investment, simple as that.

This is a 100% newbie-friendly business model.

So, even if you are a tech-challenged, have-a-day-job, and doing-everything-all-by-yourself solopreneur this model will work for you.

With Our Pre-Made Amazon Affiliate Websites You Get Everything Listed Above, And More

You’re also going to receive a ton of bonuses to make sure your path to success is as short as possible.

24/7 Support

You’ll get 24 hours per day, 7 days per week Skype and email support so you’re never left hanging, wondering what to do next.

Traffic Acquisition Guide

On top of that, you get our proven Traffic Acquisition Guide that breaks down step-by-step exactly how to grow your business going forward.

Blueprint To Success

And, most importantly, we give you the complete blueprint you’ll want to follow after purchasing the website, so you can start earning and turn your affiliate marketing dreams into a reality.

We Stand Behind Every Website We've Built, And Guarantee That We’ll Be Here For You Along The Way

For those of you that want to succeed, and know that a turnkey website is the easiest, best, and most profitable way for you to do it, here’s what’s included with every site on our list:

Pre-Made Amazon Affiliate Sites

here’s what’s included

✅ Domain Name
✅ 12 Months Of FREE Hosting
✅ FREE SSL Certificate
✅ In-depth Niche, Competition & Keyword Research
✅ 100% Unique And Custom Homepage Design
✅ Professional Logo Design
✅ Premium Theme
✅ Premium Plugins
✅ 10,000 Words Of Unique Niche Related Content
✅ Perfect On-Page SEO Optimization
✅ Opt-In Forms
✅ The Site Will Be Fully Indexed & Ready To Make You Money


✅ 24/7 Skype And E-Mail Support
✅ Traffic Acquisition Guide (worth $599)
✅ Blueprint To Success
✅ 24-Hour Turnaround Time

$1,499 /-

$799 /-

Having Second Thoughts? Here's What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say About This Service

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which a specialist promotes a product or service of someone’s company, receiving a reward for the lead. After reading this description, it may seem that everything is too easy. Yes and no. This is easy if you know the right steps and sites that you should pay attention to. Affiliate marketing is a challenge if you come in to work blindly, without a special plan.

There are many definitions that explain this type of marketing, the main ones:

  • Seller – owner of the goods;
  • Partner – a category to which you belong;
  • Consumer – one who buys goods and services that you advertise;
  • A network is a platform that bridges the gap between a partner and a seller.

The question is how to transfer this idea to Amazon. So what is affiliate marketing on Amazon?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing in detail.

Website owners and bloggers can become Amazon Associates for free. Affiliates advertise products from on their sites using links. When customers follow them and buy products from Amazon, affiliates get rewards for referrals. Amazon is by far one of the largest online marketing platform. This gives users the ability to buy and sell almost everything. An affiliate can benefit from this huge market by joining an affiliate program.

Amazon Affiliate Program

A Business Insider study shows that Amazon’s turnover is higher than Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Sears and JCPenney combined. Please note that the companies mentioned are considered the best in most aspects. Amazon turnover amounted to more than 356 billion dollars. In 2017, he was named the largest online retailer in the world, earning $ 177.9 billion. So, you must understand why his affiliate program will attract marketers and small businesses.

With this in mind, we are confident that you are interested in joining the Amazon affiliate program. But how do you join? We describe the step-by-step process.


  1. Go to the affiliate page.
  2. Click the “Join Now” button in the “Join” section to go to the Amazon Partner Program Login page.
  3. You will need to log in to your account or create one if you do not have one.
  4. After you do this, you need to continue and fill out the necessary information. You will be asked to provide a link to your website or blog. Once everything is provided, you can continue.
  5. The next page asks you to specify things like your preferred store identifier, the methods that you use to drive traffic to the site, how you create links, etc.
  6. The next step is to verify your account. Amazons will ask for your phone number, which will receive an automatic phone call. As soon as the number is indicated, you will receive a call asking you to confirm the pin code that appeared on the screen.
  7. Now you have to choose how to receive money. There are several options to choose from:
  • Check (processing fee of $ 15 will not be charged)
  • Direct deposit (not available for international partners)
  • in. Amazon Gift Card
  1. After registration, you will get access to the partner platform.

As an Amazon partner, you can promote any product on Amazon and earn commissions. This program is 100% free. Affiliate program is available for all Amazon trading floors; they have one for the USA (, the UK (, Canada (, India, Australia, Mexico and so on. The commission you earn is from 1 to 10%.

How to create an Amazon affiliate link?

As soon as the creation of the account is completed, you will be redirected to your personal home page. Here you’ll find a performance dashboard and other important information such as a monthly summary, revenue overview, and total clicks.

You will also use this panel to search for products for the site:

  1. Select Quick Links: Product Search or Product Overview.
  2. “Quick Links: Product Search” allows you to find products by a specific product keyword.
  3. Product Overview allows you to search for products using categories such as Video, Beauty and Health, and Books.
  4. Having found the product you need, click the “Get Link” button.
  5. The link is configured by selecting an add-in with text and image, only with text, only with image or widget.
  6. You can adjust the background color, title color and image size depending on the type of link.
  7. You can preview the link before adding it to the site.
  8. Now copy and paste the link to the site.

Amazon may pay depending on the reward program you have. The rewards program allows you to receive a fixed ad fee when visitors you refer to you sign up for Amazon programs and services.

If you’re a newbie, Amazon affiliate marketing is one place you can try starting your journey. Amazon is convenient for beginners, and it does not need experience in sales. Many other platforms require you to sell through cold calls and calls. But with Amazon you don’t have to do this. Here it is possible to focus on people who are already customers. Thus, there is no need to go through the warm-up process. You just need to send them to Amazon, the leads will do the rest themselves. Amazon has refined the platform to attract people to consumer thinking.

In addition, with Amazon, you can make money on products that you don’t advertise. For example, you have a website or blog where you do microwave reviews and you have an affiliate link that directs your visitors to buy a microwave on Amazon. If a visitor uses your link to go to Amazon, the store will pay a commission for everything he buys over the next 24 hours, even if it’s not a microwave. For a beginner, this is a great way to motivate, allowing you to earn more.

Amazon has millions of products and services available to promote an affiliate program. In fact, new niches and products appear every day. This reduces competition. You do not want to compete with experts who have been doing Amazon for years! Go ahead, there are thousands of chances!

No product needed to recommend it. All you need to do is look at Google or Amazon and find the five best products (focusing on at least reviews) that you want to promote. You should check what customers say about the product. Most often, they will talk about the advantages and disadvantages. As a marketing partner, you can take all this information and collect it into an organized report for website or blog visitors. This is the value that you show your visitors. Once they are satisfied with the review on the site, immediately click on your affiliate link and buy the product on Amazon, and then you will earn a commission.

How to creatively write an article for an affiliate program?

To write good affiliate articles, you need to solve the problem, think about what people will search on Google to find the article, which keywords to use. Without this, you will write content to anyone.

Find keywords and see the best results, learn what other authors have done to get their first place, and try to achieve more. Make the article more voluminous because a small article does not have a high ranking on Google. Try to have more than 2000 words in the article, so that you are higher in SERP.

What products to promote on Amazon?

As we mentioned, you can promote any of the millions of products available on Amazon. But it’s better to promote a product that will bring big profits. To do this, find the product. We will give you some tips on finding the best products to promote:

  1. Promote products that are sold all year round. For example, headphones. There is no season when the demand for headphones is very low, unlike air conditioners, which are not needed in winter.
  2. You can use JungleScout to find product ideas. Set a keyword for a product with large Amazon search volume. Now enter the keywords in the niche analysis tool. Thanks to this, you will receive real-time data on how products are sold.
  3. You can also check how others sell on Amazon – and pick up a good option. This method is mainly used when partners have no ideas. Avoid highly competitive products.
  4. The product must be in high demand.
  5. Use online forums and communities where you can get interesting market insights. Start with Reddit, ask a question.
  6. If you want to earn more commissions for promoted products, then you need to advertise products with high prices, such as cameras, televisions, etc.
  7. By the way – health, family, children, relationships and entertainment are niches to be covered when you think about affiliate marketing on Amazon.

Let’s take an example of health products. When choosing keywords, you should always remember that they should be able to solve the problem. People are always looking for quick solutions to their problems.

In this example, we will solve the “Better Sleep” health problem. So, we go to the Amazon market and type “Best Dream.”

You will see all kinds of foods that help people sleep better. What to do about it? Create a document and enter all product references and classify them. Now add them to your site with an SEO optimized description. Once this is done, you are free. You just need to wait for the results.

The Pros And Cons Of Affiliate Marketing On Amazon!


“There are millions of products, and you can promote them all.”

– You still get a commission for any product that a customer buys within 24 hours if he gets to Amazon via your link.

– Amazon has gained the trust of customers, and the products are easily convertible.

– One-click shopping makes it easy to get sales.


– The rules of the affiliate program are extensive, difficult to understand and constantly changing.

– For violation of any rule you will be banned, and any income you earn may be confiscated.

 – Sometimes it takes a lot of time to receive payments to the account. If you made a sale on the 5th of the month, your payment will take 45 days.

– 1-10% of the commission on the sale, which is small compared to other affiliate programs.

– A 24-hour cookie is shorter than other affiliate programs, which have up to 30 – 90 days.

– You need a blog or website to start affiliate marketing on Amazon.

How much do you earn on an Amazon affiliate program?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. As we mentioned above, the commission is 1-10%. To get any significant amount for this, you need to advertise high-yield products. Or you need a large number of sales of cheap goods. If you’re thinking of partnering with Amazon as a full-time job, then you should devote a lot of time and do research to get a lot of leads. This means that a partner can earn from $ 10 to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on your dedication and reason for participating in the program. Most often, people get into Amazon affiliate marketing for extra money to fund other affiliate projects they are working on.

Here are a few examples of great earnings from Amazon partners (site monetization):


Niche: reviews of gadgets, equipment and electronics


Niche: Baby Product Reviews


Niche: Outdoor Equipment

There are rules you need to know before registering as an Amazon partner. These rules apply to six documents, and you will have to spend time viewing if you do not want your account to be blocked. This is a summary of the most important rules:

  1. Iframe, Auto-tag, automatic cookie setting: you should avoid using these methods, because not only your account will be blocked, you may be in court.
  2. Using your affiliate link for shopping: this type of practice is prohibited not only by Amazon, but also by other affiliate programs.
  3. You cannot send offline emails with a referral link.
  4. Add links to PDF or e-books.
  5. Using the clo @ king link or shortening the link: Amazon wants to know where you are directing your audience. It is forbidden to use the services of shortening links.
  6. You cannot have more than one account. There are exceptions to this rule, as some companies may have more than one depending on the size or nature of the business. But this is up to Amazon, partners must know the way;)
  7. You must have meaningful content on the site. Also, a site with copied content is not accepted, especially from Amazon.
  8. Do not copy Amazon user reviews or use them as your own. You can rewrite them, avoid plagiarism.
  9. Motivated traffic is prohibited.
  10. Traffic from violent or sexually explicit sites is not allowed.
  11. Amazon prohibits paid searches, such as creating a Bing ad or on Google.
  12. You must register the sale within 180 days; if not, your account will be closed.
  13. Your account will be suspended if Amazon believes that you are violating their trademark rights.
  14. Amazon prohibits you from posting your affiliate links to sites that you do not own; The exception is social networks.
  15. The site must have a privacy policy.
  16. You must identify yourself as an Amazon partner with the text indicated on your website: “[Enter your name] is a member of the Amazon Services LLC affiliate program”
  17. You can only use the purchase buttons provided by Amazon.


Amazon has been around for a long time, and many people make a living working there as a partner. We hope this article has given you enough information and motivation to become a successful Amazon partner. Share it with others!

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